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With the multiplicity of offers, it is more and more complicated for a student to choose the ideal bank to open an account and carry out transactions. So, to help you make an informed choice, here is a list of the best banks that offer services  adapted to the needs of students .

Hello Bank

Hello Bank  is one of the most recommended banks for students. A subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group, it is considered one of the cheapest banks operating on the market today. Indeed, this  online bank  simplifies the procedures for opening an account and  reduces account maintenance costs to zero  for students. The same is true for carrying out day-to-day banking operations such as withdrawals, payments and local transfers. In addition, students have the possibility of benefiting from a VISA card without justifying a monthly income. Note that this bank allows customers  to perform transactions online from several media and chat with an advisor without going to a branch.

Societe Generale

Société Générale is a traditional bank that offers offers adapted to the needs of students. It guarantees them a  50% reduction on the price of certain cards  such as the Visa card. In addition, this establishment allows people under 25 to be exempt from account maintenance fees. Also, thanks to its formulas, students have the possibility of making international withdrawals and  payments without being charged .

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas services are particularly suitable for young people who plan to pursue their studies abroad. Indeed, for students under 30, the bank offers the ”  Globe Student  ” offer which guarantees  advantageous loans  with the  possibility  of making early repayment  at any time. On the other hand, students aged 18 to 24 can obtain an immediate debit bank card for less than 4 euros per month. To facilitate access to these services from several locations, the BNP Paribas group relies on a network of  regional banks .

Orange Bank

Orange Bank is a  digital bank  that offers students particularly interesting formulas. The basic offer  allows students to have a classic VISA card, a savings account, a checkbook and insurance for the various means of payment. It should be noted that opening an account with this institution does not require the presentation of proof of income.


Thanks to its special “18 – 26 year olds” offer, Fortuneo has become one of the best banks for students. This formula allows them to take advantage of the advantages of the Mastercard Fortuneo FOSFO, a  free international card offered to young students, without conditions or proof of income. In addition, holders of this card will not have to pay account maintenance fees. Also, students will be able to make free withdrawals and payments, even when they are abroad.

Remember that the aforementioned establishments each offer offers adapted to the requirements of the students. However, these are varied formulas including certain subtleties that it is essential to master. The use of a  bank manager or general manager of a bank  may therefore prove necessary.

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