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Trading on the Forex market with a demo account has absolutely nothing to do with a real account. The vast majority of online brokers offer a demo account on their platform or on their mobile application. It is simply a stock market simulation that will allow the user to invest virtually and without committing their own funds.

Getting Started with a Forex Demo Account

A demo or simulation Forex account on the stock market has at least two advantages: to assess the qualities and interface of a mobile application, and to become familiar with trading techniques without taking risks.

When you create a demo account on a stock market application of your choice, such as this one , you have unrestricted access to all the tools offered by a real account. This allows you to check if the application has a pleasant interface and if ultimately it meets your expectations.

For example, you will be able to buy currencies on the Forex market, resell them and perform the same manipulations as if you were in real mode.

The second advantage of a demo account is to learn or to train in stock market investment. You can observe if your investment strategies with virtual money are relevant or if on the contrary they lead you to bankruptcy

Trade Forex for real

One of the big differences of a forex demo account with a real account concerns the psychological and emotional sphere of the investor.

When you go to invest real money in currencies on the Forex market, it’s a safe bet that your nerves will sometimes be put to the test. Yes, the trader’s life is undeniably subject to nervous tension, emotional control and sometimes acting rationally seems more difficult than expected.

With a demo account, emotional management cannot be taken into account. You are trading for fakes with complete peace of mind and your decisions have no real consequences! And that of course makes a huge difference.

Take some distance with the demo trading account

Many beginners in the stock market choose to start testing a demo account. So yes, it’s an excellent base to start with, but beware of illusions! You can be a successful investor on the demo account of Forex or other financial markets and say to yourself, “I am ready to invest for good”. Only, the practice of trading in real mode, as we have already told you, is also a psychological test, made up of human feelings and emotions which are sometimes sources of error… so keep enough perspective and learn to do the distinction between fiction and the conditions of reality!

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